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03 Aug

Mark's comment on 'Vicious circle' in advertising industry

Dr Mark Toner comments on ‘Vicious circle’ in advertising industry, following shock statements by Chairman of Saatchi and Saatchi. Read full article here.

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22 Jul

Mark’s address at the June 2016 SAGE (Science in Australia Gender Equity) Symposium

Dr Mark Toner was a panelist for the session Not Just a “Women’s Problem”: Working With Men on Equity and DiversityRead More..

01 Mar

Australasian Science Magazine | We Need to Come to Terms with Unconscious Bias

Our article on bias in Australasian Science, March 2016, can be found here.  Read More..

19 Feb

Men 'have learnt to mask sexism in workplace'

Gender Matters' director Dr Mark Toner was quoted in an article by John Ross in The Australian on 19 February 2016 with the byline:  'Unconscious bias training is a “tick-the-box exercise” that will not solve gender imbalances in the workplace, a former construction boss has warned'. Read more here.  Read More..

17 Feb

We need to come to terms with unconscious bias

We need to come to terms with unconscious bias, Focus Magazine ATSE, February 2016 Read More..

22 Dec

Unconscious Bias Training Is Not Enough - Part 2

Women's AGENDA's top story 22 December 2015 by Mark Toner. Part 2 following on from yesterday's part 1. Read More..

21 Dec

Unconscious Bias Training Is Not Enough - Part 1

Women's AGENDA's top story 21st December 2015 by Dr Mark Toner. Read More..

30 Nov

Diverse teams perform better, but…

Research has clearly shown that teams comprising members with diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills, gender, etc. perform better than homogenous teams or those with low diversity.  If you doubt this, imagine a team made up of clones of yourself.  How well would that team cope with complex business or personal issues, compared with a more diverse team? Read More..

03 Sep

Female engineers still discriminated against

Fifty one per cent of female engineers attending a series of presentations and workshops for female engineers around the country believe that their career to date has suffered due to the simple fact that they are women. Read More..