Gunilla-Burrowes_Mark-Toner :: Gender MattersWe meet with senior management and Boards to discuss gender issues relevant to employment of male and female staff. We present the latest research results on gender diversity and unconscious bias, and recommend strategies and actions to increase gender equity in their organisations. We specialise in gender topics relevant to women working in male-dominated organisations.

Some areas for discussion include:

  • the benefits of diversity
  • the business case for more women at higher levels of organisations
  • common misbeliefs about women in business
  • the written and unwritten rules of your organisation
  • cognitive bias and how it arises
  • the impact of systemic or occasional gender bias, resulting behaviour and how it affects decision-making, particularly in your recruitment, promotion and performance review processes
  • methods for minimising both conscious and unconscious bias
  • effective ways to challenge existing corporate culture and bring about change for the benefit of your employees and your organisation
  • methods of assessing your organisation’s progress towards attaining integrated gender diversity across all its operations

In Universities, we discuss gender issues relevant to staff recruitment, performance and career development, and issues relevant to achieving better teaching and learning outcomes. We support the concept of the current Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) pilot program for universities and research organisations and we assist SAGE members in achieving bronze accreditation.

Mark Toner (4th from left) was a member of the Expert Working Group for the Women in STEM Decadal Plan produced by the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering.