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Gunilla Burrowes :: Gender MattersGunilla Burrowes

Dr Gunilla Burrowes has had a diverse career, working in a range of industry and academic positions. Her engineering career has taken her on a parallel journey of supporting female engineers in their career and as a role model, both in Universities and in business and developing engineering innovative companies. In 2000, she started her own engineering technology company, now the BlueZone Group with her husband and is passionate about supporting technology start-ups. She also loves the opportunities to share her knowledge and experience of improving business practices through helping to achieve gender equity in organisations. She established and managed a Women in Engineering program at the University of Newcastle and instigated Engineers Australia's very successful — 2007 The Year of Women in Engineering. Her research and prominent role in diversity in engineering has given her an international reputation in this field.

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Mark Toner :: Gender MattersMark Toner

Dr Mark Toner is a former CEO of Kvaerner (now Jacobs) E&C Australia, a successful but extremely male-run organisation. With a background in engineering, science and IT, he is a company director and management consultant, and a Fellow of various engineering institutions and the Australian Institute of Company Directors. In recent years he developed a new argument for more women in engineering based on personality types in the engineering profession and with Gunilla has made numerous presentations around the country on the problems encountered by women in engineering and in business. Mark is Chair of the Gender Equity Working Group of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering. One of his areas of interest is cognitive bias and he is an accredited Myers Briggs trainer.

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